This fantastic choir sound was made by the first stand-alone  sampler ever made. This was not a cheap machine at 10.000 USD but then again it came equipped with 128 kb or RAM.

No gigabytes or megabytes here, but kilobytes. Two times the memory of a Commodore 64 by the way.

We are constantly amazed by the way these pioneers in sampling was able to make such beautiful sounds using a minimum of technology. Those were the days when you had to push technology and your brain to make it work.


So here it is. The classic Male Voices.

All 49 keys were sampled and looped at the exact same loop points  as the original. Some of the original parameters are included in the GUI  but we cheated as well and created an ADSR envelope for both the upper and lower sounds. And we decided to put in a simple reverb as well.


The GUI June not look too pretty, but hey; the sound is there and it is free of charge.


The Emulator pictured above is the actual sampler used to create this bank.

It feels kind of weird to sample a sampler but hey that is one of things we love to do around here.


Please don't send the bank to friends and family. It would be so much better if they came here to download it themselves. This way we know how much interest there is and it will make us more happy to make new free products.



The Earcandy Team




  • 148.2 MB download
  • All samples are sampled in 24 bit / 96 KHz using industry leading hardware and cables.
  • 1 single program.
  • Precision looping.
  • Clean and crispy samples.
  • No reverbs, delays, modulation or dynamics added resulting in clean and dry sounds. You can add your own if you want it.



  • In order to use this product you will need a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5 sampler.