EARCANDY IS A DANISH COMPANY SPECIALIZING IN PROFESSIONAL SOUND LIBRARIES Earcandy specialises in sound libraries for professionals as well as hobbyists creating music on the computer. There are two different lines of products; the Authentic Collection which is the most precise "clones" of real hardware instruments you will find anywhere, and the Gratis Collection which is based on all sorts of sound sources and is free of charge for anyone to use.  NEWS FEBRUARY 16TH 2018 Today we are introducing the Gratis Series. The Gratis Series is a collection of free sample banks for you to use. Go check out the first bank "Male Voices". OCTOBER 28TH 2017 We have now settled in at our new location. We can now work on the up coming release of our new product. AUGUST 10TH 2017 Earcandy is proud to announce the first product in the Authentic Collection; the PPG 360 Wavecomputer sound library. The library contains more than 3000 samples (almost 2 GB) and are hard copies of the 30 factory programs plus 5 additional programs made by its owner. Also 65 different programs were made based on these 35 programs to show its true potential.