The first two audio files are layers of programs from the library. Only drums were added.


The last one shows you how much you can alter a single program. Two other programs were added but I am sure you can hear where and when.


No reverb, delay, equalization, compression or anything else  applied to the sounds in any of the media.

Only pure PPG 360 Wavecomputer and some drums from other sources.


Below is the video version of the third demo.

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"A very precise and complete library which captures the details and quirks of the original PPG synthesizer. Very good."

Until June 19th 2020





Sample Resolution:

Bit Rate:

What you'll need:

1.91 GB

3334 samples

100 Programs (35 sampled programs, 65 edited)

96 kHz

24 bit

Full Version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5 or newer




Dear friends.


We at Earcandy spend a fair amount of time pricing our products and so we believe every single one of them to have the absolutely right price.

We do not do sales or discounts. Actually we never had a product on sale before and this could very well be the first and the last time.


Due to all this COVID-19 stay-indoor-time we at Earcandy agreed on offering our best selling product at an extraordinary price for a few days. We talked about offering it at a 19% discount or even cutting off 19 euro selling it at only 30 euro.


Finally we agreed on doing an even crazier thing; to let you have it for only 19 euro.


So until June 19th 2020 you can get our pride-and-joy library for 19 euro. After that the price will be back at its original asking price at 49 euro.

One hundred EXCENTRIC, UNIQUE and QUIRKY programs from the extremely rare
PPG 360 Wavecomputer digital synthesizer serial number 007.

This is as rare as a synthesizer gets with a total of only approximately forty units made.

This library contains the 30 factory programs and another 5 programs made by the owner. On top of that 65 programs were made based on the 35 sampled programs using the Kontakt user interface.


You have never heard it's sound this pure and clean and the overall sound of the 35 direct sampled programs are matching the real deal in every detail.


The PPG synthesizers' famous voice panning system gives this early eight bit digital synthesizer a great spatial sound and the wavetable synthesis at pure eight bit, gritty and digital, is very much oriented towards sounds in the mid- and higher frequencies.


Don't let the 35 programs fool you. It does not take much tweaking to make totally new and out of this world sounds using the interface.


Try to do some changes to the sample start, random start and envelope settings and you will very soon be listening to some very different sounds. The possibilities are almost endless.


Approved by its inventor Wolfgang Palm you will for the first time be able to play and hear the original sounds of this forty+ years old pioneering digital synthesizer as it is supposed to sound; clean, naked, mellow, harsh, full, sad, crazy and everything in between.


This is truly a synthesizer like no other.